Of Masks and Men

What a shit show...  Our “Wild West” mentality may work well if you have a gun and the enemy is visible.  Not so much in the invisible world of biodefense.  And this is truly a Biodefense issue.  We are at war.  (The virus doesn’t care, by the way...) I have been working in the life sciences as a biomedical engineer in a preclinical setting for about 15 years now. (Before that it was mostly in the automotive/aerospace industry.) In my work, I have been involved (mostly behind the scenes) with hundreds of scientists assessing the respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological effects of various infectious agents and therapeutics to fight them. Natural and man-made. I know - and worked with - a number of organizations dedicated to address exactly this kind of enemy. I’ve worked with scientists from BARDA , USAMRIID , USAMRICD , and many others. I have worked with several groups around the country. I’ve seen the inside of BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, where they work with stuff that makes this vi


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